Monday, 28 May 2018

The late May Bank Holiday weekend

Almost a fabulous bank holiday weekend at least the sunshine was superb.

Managing to reach Marbury Park around 17:00 hrs on Friday evening, the weather today hasn't been that good but it didn't rain during our trip.

Saturday morning, the sun was out nice and early and the decision to wear a fleece on Busters walk was the wrong one as I ended up carrying it most of the way.

A paddle in the stream to cool little paws down.

Unfortunately Saturday was spoilt from about 10:00a.m onwards by the local farmer adjacent to Marbury Park who had decided to spend the full day shooting, what was being shot I dread to think. 
Buster isn't good with loud bangs and his day was spent hinding inside the boat, an attempt to venture out turned into a disaster when I was forced to carry him about a mile back to the boat when he refused to walk any further, not a large pooch but over that sort of distance he feels like an elephant. 

Poor Busty scared stiff, refused to walk.

We had read somewhere that a sequoia tree was planted in the parkland and we decided to hunt for it, It shouldn't be that hard to find, these Americans giants have tunnels carved in them and cars drive through, well after unknowingly walking past it a few times we finally found it, what a disapointment I could have put my hands around its truck, it can t have been more than six inches circumference, apparently it had only been planted in the 1990's.

Buster didn't leave the boat again until Sunday and then he refused to go back to Marbury park. All I could do was to walk down the canal past the Saltworks museum and back around to the nature reserve that heads back towards the boat, it was a good fifty minute walk and we visited the bird spotters hide on the way to see the views.

Overlooking the mere.

Mid-morning we moved further along the canal to Anderton boat lift, Buster was slowly becoming his usual happy self now that we had moved away from the bangs. 
After tying-up the boat, Corinne eyes lit up when she noticed the Fudge boat was moored just in front of us. 

Swans by the lift, a boat on the Weaver and a Fudge boat, perfect.

A walk to Asda for the first time took us about 25 minutes and was a nice stroll with views down onto the River Weaver, quite a lot of boats heading upstream today. The river is something we haven't tried yet. Maybe next time.

Buster happy again.

On the way home Buster was falling asleep in the car, head resting on the window.

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