Monday, 18 September 2017

Billinge Green Flash

Moving along slightly today, we stopped at Billinge Green Flash where we finally got to do some work painting the roof, wasn't much but it was a start.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bramble Cuttings

Setting off around 09:30am before the chaos starts, looks like we left it too late. It took us 2 hours to get from Kings Lock the Big Lock, I'm sure thats just five locks in total, madness.

We love the Trent and Mersey this stretch of canal is lovely, maybe its because  we know it so well.

We had our fingers crossed to get a mooring at Bramble Cuttings it is usually so busy and space limited, luck had it that it was empty and we had the place to ourselves for a good few hours, Buster was able to explore and play ball without disturbing anyone.

The rain started early evening and it threw it down, thunder, lightening the works.


Saturday, 16 September 2017


Moving down to Middlewich today and we have decided to moor just before the Kings lock, as a passing boat has just informed us that the hire boaters have drained the pounds and he struggled to get through. We shall give it time to refill and stay put tonight.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Locks are getting fewer

On our way mid morning, a few locks to do but not that many. Buster sitting on the back of the boat as usual watching things passing by.

Entering the lock just before the M6 at Hassall Green.

Our mooring spot tonight across from a field full of sweetcorn, hope the scarecrows stay away tonight. We must stop watching them horror films.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Red Bull

We set off at 08:00am today. Did the locks at Red Bull and Church Lawton, moored up tonight next to Rode Heath Meadows and woods. Caught the aerials again on the low bridge straight after the lock before Red Bull Services, luckily no damage. 

Buster made some doggy friends this morning and had a play on the field before we left.

A very unexpected low bridge immediately after the locks at Red Bull, We seem to be a lot taller than most on the cut.

Tonight we are at Rode Heath Another Chinese Take away.

We must be going soft, this is the sixth night in a trot that we lit the stove. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Little Morton Hall

The weather last night was very windy, luckily we had moored between the trees so are minds were put at rest slightly. No problems anyway everything was still standing in the morning.

Today we took a short walk up to Little Morton Hall about a mile away.

Buster can get through most gaps but some are even to small for him, so his dad helps out.

Little Morton Hall is a lovely moated house. At one time the toilets of the house emptied straight into the moat, not so nice.

We like the look of this old barn.

View of Mow Cop

The Rising Sun, location of tonights meal and it was very nice.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Ramsdell Hall

The sun was actually out and it was warm.

Setting off around mid-morning in sunshine made a splendid change, we are planning to get close to Little Morton Hall today, just a few hours.

We filled up with water at Congleton, the water pressure was really good and it didn't take long.

Moored just short of Ramsdell Hall, not the best spot.

Ramsdell Hall.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Bosley Locks.

This trip is becoming a total washout and if we are to make any headway we will have to start moving while it is raining. Forecast is not good for the next week. To look on the bright side the canals will be full.

Contemplating whether to move up to Bosley locks, or maybe even do them today in the rain!

We decided to make a move and had just started our engine and lifted the fender when the heavens opened with the heaviest rain Ive seen. Coal boat Halsall was just passing by us, I was going to get some coal but it can wait until another dryer time.

The rain stopped to a steady pour so we set off. I pulled the rear doors closed and pulled the hatch up to my belly to stop as much of the rain as I could getting inside, Corinne brought a coffee out to me.

The first swing bridge was open and we got waved through the seconded by someone coming the other way, cant be bad. 

We reached Bosley Services and pulled into the short arm no the left.

Reversing out of the services as we started on down the locks, it rained all the way down to lock 8, and then eased to just showers. It was a relief to get moored up.

We have a nice view of the Cloud.

Coal boat Halsall passed shortly after and we got our two bags of coal.

Coal boat Halsall dropping off coal, Buster trying to helping out.
Stove lit and ready to settle down for the evening.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Macclesfield Town

We moved up to Macclesfield today for some shopping. Mooring points on the pontoons are impossible to get, I bet these boats never move. The water point had moved since the last time we were here its been quite a few years so we had to ask someone where it had gone, it is now located just before bridge 38 if you're heading towards Bosley locks.

The Old Hovis Mill. 

We managed to squeeze in on the end of some boats, a bit close to the bridge for my liking and I would call others for doing it, but needs must.

Picking our moment to leave for the shops so we don't get a total drenching. I like Macclesfield, shame we cant spend more time there to look around properly. Worked there a few years back.

Back to the boat and moving off quickly while Corinne unpacks the bags. 

Tonights mooring is at Gurnet Aqueduct with Ye Olde Kings Head pub at the foot of the steps leading down to the road, just in time for Sunday lunch and dogs are welcome. 
We wanted to walk to Megs Point but can't find where it is. Nothing much here.

Ye Olde Kings Head

Sunday lunch was ok. I think Corinne was a little unhappy that her meal didn't come with stuffing, After all it was on the menu as Chicken and Stuffing, she wouldn't let me say anything. We tend not to complain just never go back.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Bollington, Day 2.

The usual old things this morning. Weather even worse than previous days, todays excursion to White Nancy won't probably happen. 

We phoned our youngest son and wished him Happy Birthday, He is Twenty today.

A lull in the weather around late morning allowed us to venture down to the working boats and folk festival near Clarence Mill. A market stall selling boat art was open so we bought a painted slate heart for the boat to hang on the wall, the artist who made all the items on show had only just started sell his canal ware and we were the second person ever to have bought something,honoured.

Morris Dancers

Our new decorated slate heart.

On the way back, the boat moored up behind us had drifted out into the canal so we pulled it back in and re-pinned it, good deed for the day done.
We re-did our pins for good measure and climbed on board just as the rain started, perfect timing.
Heavy downpour

We sat for a while then gave the inside of the boat a clean while we couldn't get outside, I refilled the stern grease pump, for the first time. It has lasted five years.

Bloody boats going too fast have again sent us adrift into the canal, this time it was the festival trip boat. We shall move about a hundred yards up the canal, I can see a vacant spot and there are rings. 

The evenings have been the best part of the days over the last couple of nights so we climbed to White Nancy, and rainbow came out just as we got to the top.

Rainbow came out as we reached the top of the hill.

Panoramic view of Bollington.

White Nancy

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Boat and Folk Festival.

We woke to rain again on the roof this morning, it actually stopped long enough for Busters' walk but it rained again straight after. 

The boats batteries are very low today, We used the tumble dryer yesterday and we didn’t run the engine long enough afterwards to recharge them enough. Hopefully we can get a couple of hour charge into them later as we move along to Bollington. 

We passed Braidbar boats, they had one of their open days and the owners showing their boats were out getting them polished up. 

We moored just past the reserved mooring for Braidbars open day. Had some lunch and walked back to Chandlers to see if he had any fanbelts.

Boat floating loose.

On the approach into Bollington we passed dredgers that had finished working for the day. Mooring spots are scarce due to the underwater obstacles along the edge, so we gave up and continued through to finally moor up just before Adelphi Mill, on pins. 

Clarence Mill

Batteries topped up nicely, and ready for tonights takeaway and a movie on Film 4 at nine.

A quick search on Google for a local takeaway and Chinese seemed to be the preferred choice ‘Chopsticks’, it was only a twenty minute walk and a ten minute wait and we had our meal, on the way back we decided to detour and walk past the working boats at the folk festival, mostly everyone had gone but we had a nice chat with the chap on Gifford who was waiting for his wife to pick him up in the car. 

We soon had our feet up watching TV with our Chinese meal, lovely.