Sunday, 28 July 2013

Starting to finish things off...

Finally we are starting to see things getting finished off. On Saturday we paid a visit to M/C to collect a few bits and pieces we needed. The weekend has seen the gas locker get finished and tested. Cooker is up and running, water pump is wired in, still need to pressure test the pipework before we fill the pipework. Decoration is also coming along nicely.

Audlem Historic Boats Festival...

The annual trip down to see the historic narrowboats at Audlem has became a regular occurrence for us. You never know maybe next year we might even make the trip there by boat. 

We arrived just after eleven and it was still fairly quiet, by time we'd done the usual trek up the flight of locks and then back down and on to the old working boats things we're busying up.  The weather was ok not too hot and the breeze kept us cool.

It was Corinne's birthday yesterday and she wanted to go to the Shroppie Fly for a meal, as we do every year. The choice of menu today wasn't great and it turns out neither was the food, we couldn't recommend here for eating which is a shame because it used to be good.   
Walked on into the village and found a shop that sold fudge and ice cream then made our way back to the boats for a sit down and to give Charlie a rest, and us. We had just finished the ice creams when the heavens opened, luckily the car was close by for us to take shelter.



Saturday, 20 July 2013

Gas locker...

It was time to get the gas locker under way, all was going well until the last section of pipe was about two inches short, yet another job on hold till we get more pipe.
Missing pipe between the regulator and the bubble tester.
Getting in was ok but my legs and back refused to make it easy getting out again.

Friday, 19 July 2013


 It's been a while since our last post. Things have been moving along but not so you would notice, we've been oiling boards, finishing off bits of electrics and putting up the light fittings and lots of other fiddley bits.

We have just finished the first porthole and it's nearly fitted. We only had enough wood to do the one lining just in case I'd got the section wrong, it turns out I didn't so more wood can now be ordered for the remaining seven.

Sections of Oak cut to the required angle.

All cut and ready for next step.
Some large jubilee clips come in very handy for this part.

All glued up.
Second layer glued.
Both layers stuck together
Ready to go.
Taking shape.


Porthole in place but not quite finished, some final adjustment needed tomorrow.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Deck Painting...

Corinne was a busy bee this weekend she painted the front deck twice and varnished the internal bulkhead doors along with the galley unit shelving.