Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wash Basin...

Went to collect our wash basin tonight, finally decided to get a counter top type, a smallish one with a tall tap and pop up waste, tap was out of stock so had to order it in.
BB Shell basin from Better Bathrooms

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Front doors fitted...

Today's weather hasn't been that bad really, apart from a very heavy shower mid morning it's been quite a nice day. Just what we needed to get a bit more work done on the front doors.

We removed the boards covering the metal front doors for the last time and set about fitting the flush bolts in the oak liners that will eventually secure the fixed leaf. I think fitting flush bolts to be one of the worst jobs ever.
Edge of door cut out ready to receive flush bolt.
That's it never want to fit another flush bolt ever.
Flush bolts fitted :)
 I decided to fit the lock-keep before hanging the doors which I was glad about later, and it worked a treat with no adjustment needed.
The glass was fitted and beads screwed into place from the inside for security.
 Not much left to do tomorrow, I did manage to snap my only large drill bit so couldn't finish everything. Thank goodness I have another at home, so just need to alter the bottom hole in the cill and fit the keep plates.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Front Doors...

Last weekend we trimmed the metal front doors with a grinder so they fitted better and don't bind or spring open on their own anymore, we also sanded them down ready for the undercoat but the weather had other plans, so as you can see it didn't happen. We forgot to take any photos last week so took this one today.
Front doors fitting better now.
 Our new timber linings clamped into position but not yet fixed to the steel front doors, we also fitted the lock but again didn't take a photo.
Liners fitted and clamped in position

Drilling out the metal door for a keyhole.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Meeting new friends...

This evening we accepted James and Doug's kind invitation to visit them aboard Nb Chance on their return trip from Manchester, we also had the privilege of meeting their friends Lyn and Chris who were moored nearby. We really enjoyed ourselves, and can't wait to get afloat.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Front Door Linings...

We have collected the inner front door linings from the joiners shop, and will order the glazing and ironmongery this week. Shouldn't be long until they're fitted.

Pair of front doors

Ply pattern used for front doors

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spare Cassettes...

Midland Chandlers have a good deal on at the moment for anyone wanting a spare toilet cassette for their Thetford C250 or C260.

We picked up two.

You get a cassette plus a seat and cleaner.

Ref: TC-095/KIT

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Stern Doors...

We didn't get time to fix the door liners this weekend, they are just stood in place to give us an idea of how they will look. We're going to paint them to match the boats exterior with panel decorations.

Engine room small cupboard...

Starting the cupboard sub-frame
We started the framing out for a small engine room cupboard last weekend, we wanted the internal cupboard walls to match the rest of the boat but also wanted the outside to be Oak T&G. When it's complete we will have a top shelf for maps and stuff, (not fitted yet) under that a drawer and then a cupboard with a door.

The drawer will sit on the shelf you can see with the pencils on.

This weekend we did a bit more framing and added the boarding.

Vertical cladding boards for the cupboard walls, clamped in position until everthing fits just right.

Boards fitted in place and clamps removed
An oak framed fascia will be fitted to the front at a later date.
Cupboard side as seen from down the boat