Thursday, 31 August 2017

The trial begins.

An early ish start as we wanted to get to Manchester and Castlefields Basin today, we had rain showers around mid-morning but nothing too bad. We called in at Broadheath Retail Park as usual to get some groceries from Aldi. 

Off again after lunch and straight through to Manchester yet more housing getting built, this time around the old Linotype Works with the facades of some old buildings, I would like to think they will be getting incorporated into the new structures somehow. 
Surrounding building demolished 

The approach into Manchester is changing, lots of new office blocks going up along the canal front. As you get closer to the basin things haven't changed. 

What numpty thought to number the buildings.
One thing of importance if you're an Elsan user, there isn't one. Looks like the one that was on Potato Wharf has broken and according to the notice won't be replaced. This I think will dissuade a lot of potential visitors. We won't be coming back in a hurry.

We moored just back from the end of the arm. Sat down with a coffee when the heavens opened with a very heavy downpour and thunder and lightening. 

Later after eating we went out again, nothing has changed. But the weather was again lovely, Mr B wasn't impressed about the lack of grass. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dunham Massey

This mornings walkies took us on a new route to explore, all the years we have been coming to Lymm we have never walked this way before, we found the ruins of an old Slitting Mill and it is just off the towpath.

A mid morning walk around the village and a stop off to see the dinosaur footprint was a bit of a let down, the glass over the footprint made it impossible to see anything. Doesn't compare to the footprint we found on a Northumbria beach a few years ago. 
A slight rain shower caught us out, the first bit of rain we have seen this week, wasn't much anyway.

About lunch time we set off cruising to stop off at Spud wood so B could have a run off the lead, its well worth stopping to let dogs run free.

 On our return, something to eat and an afternoon nap. Off again and passed Hesford Marine, to fill up with diesel, this is where our fit-out took place 5 - 7 years ago. The place has been sold to new owners.

We filled up with much needed water at Agden, next to Ye Old Nr 3 Inn, it was only a short trip to our final mooring destination across from Dunham Hall.

500 year old oak tree

Mr B’s evening walk was around Dunham Massey Grounds, it’s dogs on leads at all times due to the deer roaming freely, and my lad would have had great fun chasing them all around.
A lot of Deer

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A visit from our son

Morning time in Grappenhall and another nice start to the day and Mr B and I went for a walk into village once again to take some photos that I couldn't get yesterday.
Lovely cobbled street with the church and Parr Arms

Just along from the church is The Rams Head

Church and pub from other direction

No rush today we are only going a few miles down the canal.

Last nights mooring spot in Grappenhall.

The Bridgewater canal, locals don't have a speed limit.

A short cruise today into Lymm and mooring above the road that goes under the canal, 50 yards to the chippy perfect, I feel a chippy tea coming on.

All tied off and sorted it was time to take Busty for a walk around lymm dam before calling in at Sainsbury's for some supplies.

Village pond with the steps up to the Dam adjacent.

Do you ever get the feeling your being watched.

That evening our son Andy called in to see us and brought with him my iPhone cable and Corinnes kindle, now time for chippy tea. He stayed an hour or two before having to catch the last bus home.

Monday, 28 August 2017

For the worse.

Not sure what time we set off probably around mid morning. We reached Preston Brook Tunnel with about 10 minutes to spare until our North bound passage was due to enter the tunnel. It was very busy on the Southbound side and boats were lined up from the stop lock right up to the tunnel entrance with just enough room for us to pass into the tunnel, we were third in the queue of boats, I haven't seen it this busy.

A very quick visit into Midland Chandlers on the way past for some ropey things? then the usual landmarks, Daresbury Laboratories, Walton Gardens where we stopped to walk Buster, but we forgot it was Bank Holiday so we did an about turn and came back to the boat once we realised, the place was crammed with kids. Back on the boat time for a read a nap and then off again for a short trip through Stockton Heath and on to Grappenhall where we met up with some friends. I was their first time to the boat and it was very nice to see them, so glad they could make it.

Daresbury Laboratories

Entering Preston Brook Tunnel Northbound.

Inside Preston Brook Tunnel.
I have a feeling things are going the change for the worse in Grappenhall. Warrington Council have plans to build houses there. 
The old school is closed and boarded up.

The old vicarage is abandoned.

How it looks now, lets see how it changes.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Can't get better than this.

Buster climbed into our bed around 6:30 for a warm, he stayed there until 8:30 when we went for his walk, I noticed a sign for Dairy House Meadow last night so we shall see were that goes,
Our view from the side hatch this morning.

A bench in the shape of a newt, I think.

The sunshine this morning was beautiful and the walk was lovely. This spot is definitely going on our favourite places to moor. Right on the flight path for Manchester Airport a definite yes for plane spotter Corinne. 
Buster loves his time on the boat.

Anderton CRT services is only around the corner so we stopped to make use of them, a few hundred yards further down and we moored just before the boat lift, it was past Busters walkie time so we set off for a walk down to the River Weaver, he met some new Lurcher doggy friends Woody and Finn who we joined on their walk until leaving them to take a different path along the river for a photo of the lift. 

Floating traders had set up their stalls just along from us, Corinne spotted an English Bull Tiller pin and she had to have it. 
One of the traders at Anderton
Back to the boat for a spot of lunch before setting off around 14:00. We are moored at Dutton tonight, site of the breach that happened here a few years ago. We passed through two tunnels today, Barnton 1722ft long and then Saltersford 1207ft long, and nice and wide, but still only enough for one boat, timed entries. 

Saltersford Tunnel

House between the tunnels.

Waiting for our passage time to enter Barnton.

Barnton Tunnel

Inside Barnton 

Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Adventure Begins.

Exiting the entrance of the marina looked tricky but was in fact quite easy, or maybe just beginners luck. It was early afternoon. The weather is lovely now lets hope it will continue.

It wasn't long before we were passing the old Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI) now owned by Tata India at Lostock, the place is looking in bad shape, some of it almost in ruins. Its been about twenty years since I did some work there.

Passing some marinas and the lovely smell of freshly baked bread coming from Roberts Bakery a short distance away. 

The Lions Salt work museum has opened up since we last passed here, there didn't seem much room for us to moor so we carried on by, but I would definitely like to call in again sometime for a visit. 

We moored up for the night at Marbury Country Park late afternoon, it is beautiful around here. The Hall has long since gone, demolished in the 60’s but the walks around the old grounds are great, and ideal for dogs.
Creamfields music festival is taking place in Warrington today and the noise coming from it could easily be heard from here, Buster refused his last walk before bed at just after 22:15 because of all the flashing lights in the sky. 
Our view from the side hatch tonight.