Sunday, 24 November 2013

Charlies first weekend...

We have just spent this weekend down at Swanley Marina. Charlie came with us, it was his first visit since we've been on the water. He's a big doggy and has had to get used to reversing again as we didn't build many turning circles into the boat for him. His back legs aren't as good as they once were so he finds the easiest of steps awkward at the best of times, getting on and off the stern has been a challenge, on one occasion a back leg was left dangling into the water until dad helped him up. 
Friday night was cold and Charlie insisted on sleeping in the bed with us to keep warm, just like at home, only difference is this bed is a lot smaller and higher but he didn't seem to mind that. Corinne had to get out of bed to lift him in a few times during the night.
Saturday & Sunday, Mark was working so Corinne and Charlie explored the facilities, Charlie had a fuss made of him at the reception and was given a gravy bone for being a lovely boy. Corinne picked up the access codes for the free wifi but we couldn't get them to work, we didn't manage to get a phone signal either.
A cold Saturday morning
Went for a drive and walk into Nantwich, picked up a Chinese takeaway on Saturday night and returned to the boat for a nice meal, we even opened a bottle and had a glass of wine. not something we often do.

Spent the evenings playing cards and watching the box set of Gimme Gimme Gimme and Auf Wiedersehen Pet as we haven't picked up a cable for the tv yet

Came home this evening, but have really enjoyed our few days at Swanley.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Maiden Voyage...

Our first trip out on Dee O Ghee went great, internet signal was pretty lousy throughout the journey, hence posting now but I guess we'll get used to that. We arrived back home yesterday.

We set off on our maiden voyage last Friday, it was only a couple of miles down the canal when we came to Lymm, we couldn't pass by without stopping even if it was for a quick walk through the village. We cruised a little further but the nights are getting dark and by 4pm we decided to call it a night just outside Grappenhall, this was our first night on board Dee O Ghee, we spotted another boat so decided to moor not too close behind it.

Saturday, and on through Stockton Heath, passing boats we recognised of friends we had made while doing the fit-out at Hesford, no one on board but then it was still quite early. We stopped off at Preston Brook to collect a bag of coal from Midland Chandlers. When we got to Preston Brook tunnel the passage was in our favour, time to try out the LED tunnel light. so pleased with it I could see where I was going, not like some of the lights we'd had on previous hire boats, what a joke.
Passed the Dutton breach repair, a brass plaque marks the spot  where the embankment gave way. Tonight we moored about 100yrd past The Old Broken Cross Inn and paid them a visit for dinner, a lovely traditional pub, just how I like them.

Sunday. Middlewich and the first real locks of the trip, then a right turn onto the Shropshire union Llangollen branch, Today was by far the best day, a bit more activity. we moored up just after Church Minshull lock for the night, the quietest spot and by far the darkest.

Monday. First call of the day was to Venetian Chandlers, We had a slight mishap on Saturday, I have to admit the chimney was overlooked when we set off in the morning and a low bridge coming through Lostock decapitated the china mans hat, sounds like we may not have be the only ones caught out by low bridges as V/C have had a rush on caps and have none left. Anyway the rest of the day was quite rotten, the rain started soon after leaving the chandlers and with the cold it wasn't nice. Arrived in Nantwich just after 12 noon. Warmed up on a cup of tea and then it was time for the journey home by Taxi, Train and Bus.

We have been very pleased with Dee O Ghee.
Setting off down the Bridgewater

Entering Lymm village

Mooring at Lymm to do some shopping

Lymm, approach road to canal

First overnight stay aboard. Just out of Grappenhall village
Passing through Stockton Heath
Passing Walton Gardens

Leaving Preston Brook

Mark in Preston Brook tunnel, white light in bottom left is tunnel entrance in distance.

Leaving Preston Brook tunnel

Location of Dutton breach earlier this year.

Mooring at Broken Cross for the night

Corinne trying to get an internet signal on her phone
Big Lock at Middlewich

Coming up to Middlewich narrowboat hire

Shopping trip and Lunchtime mooring

King Fisher. Honest its there, just below centre.

Met Dave the dog at Venetian Chandlery
Church Minshull Lock

Mark relaxing.

Dee O Ghee launch Video...

Well the big day arrived on the 14th Nov, Launch day for Dee O Ghee. We planned to get her in the water on Thursday and spend the rest of the day doing any final trimming of the ballast before we set off in her on Friday. As it happened she floated pretty much perfect and only needed some very slight additional trimming.
This left the rest of the day to pack things away and fit the cabin (bedroom) carpet.

>>Click here to see launch video<<

Friday, 15 November 2013

First days cruise

We set off from the marina at 1pm and made our way to Lymm village where we called in to sainsburys to get a few items.
After a cup of coffee it was time to get moving again. We finally moored up just outside Stockton Heath as it was getting dark and Mark was tired. Tonight we are finishing off laying the saloon carpet.

The blog was all messed up last night for some reason. It will get sorted when we get back home on Monday.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

On the water.....

Finally on the water at about 11.15. Everything went well. Only slight trim required.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Canal & River Trust...

Just had a text from Canal & River Trust. Our licence application has been processed and the discs should be with us within five days. That's another step nearer.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

11 Days and counting.....

Launch date for us is now the 14th November. The actual cruise date is the 15th due to final trimming/ballast. We are booked into Swanley Marina for 2 weeks because of stoppages and then onto our permanent mooring.  Just waiting for our Licence and Insurance to arrive in the post, hope they arrive before we set off.