Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Audlem Boat Festival...

It was awful weather around us on Sunday, it rained from when we got out of bed and was still raining when we set off in the car. Sunday was the Audlem Boat Festival and we had been looking forward to it for weeks, so the rain wasn’t going to stop us going. When we arrived in Audlem and managed to get parked next to the Mill shop, the sun was shining, couldn’t believe it. Fantastic.

There seemed to be a lot more boats here this year, we decided to head on up the flight of locks first to give Charlie chance to have some doggy sniffs and for us to look at visitor boats moored up along the way, we would view the historic boats on our way back. Didn’t quite make it to the top lock before we turned around but there were lots of boats passing through to watch.

Met a ridgeback on the way back down, Charlie wasnt interested!

When we got back to the shop it was lunch time so we called in the Shroppie Fly for a bite to eat, and managed to get our usual table in the corner. It’s a dog friendly pub so Charlie is always welcome. It started to rain outside, looked like the weather we had left behind us at home was catching up with us. The rain didn’t last long and soon dried up, we headed on down the rows of boats and watched from the bridge over the canal at lock 15.

Then continued on past the canal side cottage that always looks so nice, it’s impossible for us to pass by without taking a photo or two. We’d only got a few hundred yards down the canal when the heavens open and the rain came down so heavy we got soaked in seconds, ran back to the bridge and squeezed in with everyone else that was doing the same. It soon stopped and we made our way back to the car in sunshine again.

Missed the vintage cars that pass through the village, but had a good day anyway…

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Google Sketch-up...

Google Sketch-up is excellent and its free, making it even better. 3D drawing of our boat layout.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Door liners...

Collected the rear internal door linings from the joinery shop, these will be stuck to the inside of the metal stern doors, made from softwood they will eventually be painted to match the exterior decoration.

Plywood template for the front oak door liners, not too happy with the proportions, head is way too deep, but I am stuck with the metal doors that determines this.


I don't think there is a right or wrong toilet type. I have read many arguments for different types and we have changed our minds several times during the design stages. Finally opting for a cassette toilet and spare cassette over a pump out type.

Bulkhead cut out ready to receive our new toilet.
Thetford C250 cassette toilet in place.

Utility Area...

The utility area is squeezed in between the galley and the bathroom, we had planned on the washer being on the first shelf and the dryer above it, but because the dryer is slightly deeper and would not fit we have had to switch the two around.

Floor level, Access for changing the toilet cassettes. First shelf, Dryer. Second shelf, Washer.


I've been able to spend more time this week working on the boat. Thought a nice easy job to start off with would be to build the bed framework, everything was going well until the wood ran out, typical. I think I must have changed the design a little somewhere between ordering material to actual build. These things happen.

Centre support kept off centre to give more storage room below.

That's as far as it goes until we get more wood!

Monday, 16 July 2012

New Router...

Re posted as I somehow deleted the first one!

I've had this router for a couple of weeks now after my last one packed in, it's not had much use but I must admit I'm impressed with it so far. Plenty of power and easy to hold.
Erbauer ERB380ROU 2100W Router

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shower Enclosure...

We were back working in the bathroom today and managed to get the shower enclosure fitted, it would have been almost impossible to do the job single handed.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Engine room Floor support...

Decided to take a break from working on the shower area today, but I did needed to get another coat of oil on that ceiling, so quickly did that and set about positioning the steel frame I had made which will eventually support the engine room floor.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Shower room...

Just realised I've been calling it a bathroom, but we don't have a bath! This weekend we stuck the showerwall panels in position, plumbed in the shower and fitted the enclosure vertical wall tracking ready for next Sunday. The enclosure would have been fitted too, but I decided a second coat of oil on the ceiling would be more beneficial before we start adding obstacles in the way, a third and final coat planned for next Saturday.

Screwfix had this mixer shower on sale, seems OK. Works off low water pressure so we don't expect any problems.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Showerwall Paneling...

After the smoke finally dispersed from the router fire we set about sealing the shower tray down to the floor and cutting the wetwall shower panels to size. The biggest problem we had was the lack of space to manoeuver and cut the 2400x1000mm sheets. We left them temporarily cramped in place till next weekend. 

Shower waste test...

Today we tested the shower waste, sump and pump for any leaks, everything went ok and the pump worked very well, just nipped up the jubilee clips an extra turn for good measure.

Fire on board...

We had a bit of excitement today when the router we were using suddenly gave off a huge bang, flash and lots of black smoke. Power tools just don't seem to last like they used too. When we got home and googled a replacement. I was shocked at the price of the well know brand names, we're looking at £200-£300. Now that's just silly money and can't be justified.