Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter! No way...

Vows were made last year after our trip to Ellesmere never to venture onto the canal system at Easter ever again. This year we stayed put within the safety of the marina and enjoyed a peaceful few days relaxing in the warmth with the stove blazing away. Thats not to say we didn't tread a few muddy towpaths and explore our new surroundings, Bully Buster (BB) didn't mind this either as he loves his walks and can now be trusted to be let off the lead and actually returns when summoned, well most of the time anyway and as long as something or someone hasn't appeared in front of us that he just has to say hello to.
One of our excursions took us down to Hurleston locks, it was very busy and reminded us of why we didn't go out during the Easter period, ninety percent of the boats were hired, I would say out of the few we watched none had even taken the slightest interest in learning how things are done on the cut before setting off. An argument broke out between a boater and a hired boat, the boater had probably reached the end of his tether being surrounded with no escape, he was so close to completing the locks as well with only one to go, things could probably have been handled with a little more diplomacy but no! I don't think that was his fourtay, it made for some interesting viewing on what had turned out to be quite a warm sunny day. A person can only take so much excitement in a day so we headed on back to the marina for a nice cup of tea.

Mark and Buster enjoying the nice weather.