Friday, 30 November 2012

Worktop out of stock...

The oak worktop we ordered last weekend is apparently out of stock. Strangely enough the company can offer us a better alternative that will only cost an extra £48 but will apparently be saving us £15 Mmm! Their website still shows the one we originally wanted for next day delivery. I was very uneasy about them, but they did give a refund stright away.

We have managed to find another supplier that can offer the so called better worktop at lot cheaper price. Thinking about it we may wait to see if there are any sales on in a few weeks.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cooker and Drawer supports...

We've been climbing over the cooker while its been sat in the middle of the floor for weeks so its good to have it in place at last, we still need to connect the gas and 12 volt power supply but at least it's out of the way for now.
 On the dresser base, we've also started to fix the plywood supports that will eventually carry the drawers, so its all coming along nicely.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Galley cupboard...

Its not felt as cold today compared to last weekend, we've been continuing with the galley base cupboard framing.

The first two photos show what we did last weekend, just didnt have time to post them before now.
Setting out the cupboard front on the floor as with everything.

Frame glued and screwed together and left for the glue to cure.

This is what we did today. Sanded down the frame, planed off all of the pellets hiding the fixings, except for the ones we missed, these have now been done. Trimmed back the excess shelf lipping flush with the shelf. Its been much better working at a decent height for a change.
Planing down hardwood shelf edging.
 Shelf supports added and shelf fixed in place with front framework.

 Almost finished, just need to do some final sanding down tomorrow and apply the oil decoration. Going to order the oak worktop tonight.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Winter's on it's way...

We noticed the weather getting a lot colder this weekend and it’s only the start of things to come. I do wish we’d been able to fit the stove, I can see motivation being a big problem as winter kicks in. Last year was bad enough, it was colder inside the boat than out.

Anyway between the moans of being cold we did get the other side of the galley cupboards started and by Sunday afternoon we had the front fascia panel glued and screwed together. The shelf was also cut to size and edged ready for next weekend.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Taking it very slow and easy...

This was our first weekend down at the boat in two weeks and my knee is still very sore so everything has taken twice as long to do. Corinne is chief taxi driver and dog walker at the moment.

Anyway we did get a little bit of work done this weekend. We finished piping up the waste to the galley sink and drainer, tested for leaks, everything was fine.

Corinne sanded down the roof gutter/handrails and painted them again.

Then we fitted the timber door liners to the metal side hatch doors in the galley and painted them.
Side hatch doors primed

Side hatch doors undercoated
Finally we oiled the base units to the galley. Almost ready for the worktop and shouldn't be long before the cooker can be installed.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Mini handheld vacuum cleaner...

We have been looking for a small hand held cleaner that will do for the boat but didn't want to go for a battery operated one as we've never found them to be much use, either the battery doesn't last long enough or it's always flat when you come to use it. Granted most of the time a dust pan and brush will suffice, but for the trickier corners and gaps, we found this. It's a Ewbank Chilli £39.

Very compact and comes with a 7m lead, flexible nozzle and an attachment for converting to upright use.

Reviews we've read are good, and no dust bags are required. We havent had time to give it a proper test yet, but it looks good.

You can see how small it is from Charlies nose.

Upright cleaning head attachment fitted.