Monday, 9 April 2012

Stopping the rust...

We have taken good advantage of the weather over the last couple of weekends and spent the time rubbing down and priming the paintwork before the rust patches get any worse. She's looking fine in her new red colour,even though it is only temporary.

A Day Off...

We haven't blogged for a while so though we should catch up. I've booked some time off work over the Easter holiday to get a bit more done on the boat, but we've decided to have today off. Weather isn't good and we have both just got soaked taking Charlie for his morning walkies. Time to relax with a coffee.

Welding job...

As you can see from the photo's below I'm no welder but I'm quite pleased with the results,  now we have a lockable gas locker.

A bit messy but it does the job.

Has cleaned up pretty good.

We also had a small leak on the top of the gutter handrail were the weld had been missed, all sorted now.