Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Then there was light...

In the past we have had to connect the required lighting circuit up to the battery terminals temporarily, now we have light at a flick of a switch. What luxury.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Engine room floor finish...

Its a good feeling, having finally finished the floor in the engine room. After a failed attempt at sticking down one of the rubber mats we soon got to grips with it and completed the remaining matting with ease.
View from below

View from above
I also couldn't resist wedging the new doors we picked up yesterday into position to get a feel for the final look, should get around to hanging some of the doors next week.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bits of Everything....

Corinne has finished all the doggy porthole bungs. This morning we went to collect the cupboard doors from the joiners shop, drawer fronts still need to be made, we started to fit the galley doors first with piano hinges from screwfix but gave up soon after because of the inferior quality of the hinges, absolute rubbish. Have decided to look for another type of hinge.

Another little job was the connect the water supply to the toilet and test all the domestic pipework for leaks with an air test that passed with flying colours to my surprise. We had already half filled the water tank last week.

 Next job was to start covering the steps in the engine room, we managed to get two done before we'd had enough and called it a day.

Saturday, 24 August 2013


The sofa and dinette cushions arrived today. It turns out a little early but we had planned on being finished for this bank holiday, as usual things have delayed us and we reckon it's going to be a few weeks yet. Hoping to pick up the cupboard doors tomorrow.

The flooring is just one of those jobs we haven't got around to doing yet.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

You must go...

It’s sad to see our trusty old makeshift step go after doing such a good job for so long, but things are moving along and the new step is now finished and taking over the role very well. The old one has still been proving very handy as a workbench.
Old step

New step.
We have decided to take the old step home and using it in the garage.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Washer & Dryer...

We've plumbed in the washer and dryer today, fitted a thermostatic valve and stop cock to the washer so hot water can be added during the fill and switched off during the rinse, seeing as the hot water is heated for free while travelling. Seen this done on someone's blog a while ago.
Looking very busy under there.
Forgot the jigsaw and had to stitch drill the hole for the vent, took forever.
Managed to scratch the paintwork :(

Bugger leads about 3" short, oh well!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Meeting NB Chance in Lymm...

We were invited to spend an evening in the company of Doug and James from Narrowboat Chance,
whom we saw this time last year in Lymm. Doug and I went to get fish and chips while James and Mark stayed on the boat.  Another visitor came onboard Steve, who we met last year on Chance. We all had a good laugh and a few drinks and then a lovely blackberry crumble with creme fraiche which Doug had made earlier. the time went so fast it was a shame we had to go.  No doubt we will get together again sometime next year for a catch up. "Thanks guys for your invitation we had a great time.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


We decided to go for a dog theme print. 6 done, 2 more to finish, I ran out of material so I had to order some more.

Finishing the opening

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What have I let myself in for....

Well here is my latest task, making 8 porthole bungs. Will post the final results later all being well.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Woodturning liners for mushroom vents...

This weekend has mostly been spent by Corinne varnishing the engine room, and me doing more finishing off bits like missed trims and stuff. We forgot to take some photos so I've added a video of one of the mushroom vent liners being turned, all five are now completed.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Anti-slip paintwork continued...

Last weekend we finally got around to finishing off the anti-slip to the gunwales, Corinne is now an expert and doesn't need my help, another great job.