Saturday, 16 July 2016

Two weeks to Llangollen and Back...

It was the Llangollen canal again for us this year, apart from it being a very popular destination for boaters, it has very few locks and is surrounded by beautiful countryside with the attraction of going over two very impressive aqueducts and a tunnel.
This is probably our last trip here for a while.
Our batteries have been struggling for a while now so we fitted new ones before setting off.

Someones all ready to set off on his two week adventure.

Wrenbury, and the Boat hirers, all but one boat is out. 

Overnight mooring on our first day

One of the very few locks on the Llangollen canal and Buster wants to help, Or is it get in the way.

Through the bridge and onto the first lock at Grindley Brook

Passing the small bookshop.

Looking down a quiet staircase lock at Grindley Brook, 

A nice cruise in the warm sunshine past the meres. 

I love streets like this, full of character.

Reminds me of the film Back To The Future

We walked down the locks onto the Montgomery and visited the services in the basin, this is a cottage half way down the locks

We shall have to venture onto the Montgomery one day.

Frankton Junction at the junction of the Llangollen and the Montgomery

We found some great mushrooms on our trip, just need a book to identify them.

Heading over the Chirk Aqueduct, followed by Darkie tunnel 1200 feet long. Heading home and back through the tunnel a few days later it was filled with fumes, a real pea souper.

Buster after a had day.

Moored at the basin in Llangollen, £6 a night including electric.

Cafe and Horse boat rides from here

Corinne at the horseshoe falls.

Looking into Llangollen. The music festival was taking place so there was lots of activity a plenty to see. 

Some nice shops and plenty of places to eat.

This mushroom was huge about 6" to 8" in diameter 

Our second stop off at Ellesmere to do some shopping and take Buster for a play on the park with his balls.

Beech House built 1805

The junction at Ellesmere looking towards Wales

Ellesmere Town Wharf next to Tescos.

Lovely looking mushrooms, these were about 4" in diameter.

Mr B looking as cute as ever

You start to appreciate the natural beauty of the canal side when travelling along it.

Buster sits good on the stern and watches the world go by but sometime takes it on himself to get off at bridges without asking, the little beast.

A very busy Grindley Brook heading down the staircase, it took over two and half hours but at least we had plenty of time to fill up with water and get rid of rubbish 

The Cotton Arms at Wrenbury is a dog friendly pub so it gets our custom, serves a lovely meal also.

Corinne choosing what to have while I get the drinks in.

Lift bridge out of Wrenbury

The Church at Wrenbury looking from canal