Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pleased with today's progress...

We had a good day today, it felt like we'd achieved something at last. Corinne sanded down the stern doors and applied a second layer of undercoat while I cut out the steel panel in the engine room so we can move the position of the ignition switch and instrumentation. They'd preciously been installed too high and would clash with the hatch surround if not moved. They will also be moved slightly left of the original position  and set in a couple of inches so the ignition key is easily operated.
Relocating the control panel.
 Timber cupboard fascia panel we made a few weeks ago finally got stuck in position and propped until the adhesive goes off.
Prop's, doors looking good as well.

You can never have to many props.

Doors from inside.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Filling in the gaps...

Today was very windy near us and the rain threatened a few times but just managed to stay away. Last weekend one of our jobs was to fill the joints in that had annoyed us ever since picking the boat up last year. A recess was visible down both sides of the boat where the roof gutter/hand rail and side steel sheets had been welded together, the epoxy filler used last week was ready to sand off and the wind came in handy as it removed the dust as we sanded. Wasn't able to complete the job as we ran out of paint to cover the bare metal.
Recess filled in along gutters.

Holes filled and ready for primer.
The stern doors also got a sanding down today and painted with their first layer of undercoat. We now need to find somewhere that sells red oxide paint at a reasonable price as we've run out.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

A few days off coming up...

We didn’t blog on Sunday because it was a day of doing all those small jobs that no one wants to do and that take forever, but also don’t look like you’ve actually done anything.

Found out we have 4 days holiday entitlement to take before Christmas, so we’ve booked them off next month and hopefully that’ll give me a few extra days to get started on the galley. We seem to be jumping from job to job and not actually finishing anything off. I’m sure it’ll all come together in the end…Midland Chandlers have a Freaky Friday coming up on the 5th, 20% off everything so we have our list ready.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ignorant people…

I was reminded today of how ignorant some boaters are, it doesn’t happen that often but I suppose that makes it more obvious when it does. I was always taught politeness costs nothing, and I have always acknowledged people that look my way with a wave, hello or a smile and nod. It really annoys me when people look you in the face and then act like you’re lowlife for greeting them. These people must have a very unhappy life.

Trial run with the undercoat...

It’s been lovely sunshine all day but not too hot, just perfect for getting some of those outside jobs done, so we’ve been doing some filling, and undercoated the bow bulkhead. This was a practice run to see how the paint goes on before we do the larger areas, and it went on ok.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Painting stern doors...

It's been a very lazy weekend, I think the fact that we are working seven days a week has finally crept up on us. We only spent two hours at the boat today, painting the stern doors and cutting some pellets for plugging screw holes.
Priming timber doors.

Oak pellets

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Engine room cupboard...

Feeling very non productive today with just a frame for the engine room cupboard being made up and glued .

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Painting the roof again...

Finally a day good enough for painting. Being restricted to working weekends makes it hard to find a decent day free from rain, but today was the day. We sanded down and removed the areas of the paintwork from last time that we weren't happy with, and Corinne primed the roof again.
Corinne painting
 A good job done and we are a lot happier with the result. Our plan is to get the outside primed again before winter sets in.

Taking a well deserved break.

More on the engine room steps...

A bit more progress on the engine room steps today. The nosing we cut and jointed yesterday fitted OK. Oak perimeter trims were shaped and fitted with marine plywood deck made to fit between the trims. Next week we have a cupboard front to make and fit before the centre decking can be made, this will give us our line for the next run of trims.
Finishing off the plywood decking.
When all the deck boards are fitted we have some anti slip matting that will be stuck down to the plywood.
Step laid in place.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Engineroom steps...

The weather's been nice today and we should have been getting on with some outside work but instead we did a little more on the steps to the engine room. We really want to get this area decked and the cupboards started.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Stern Doors...

Today's been a bit mixed weather wise here, it didn't know whether to rain or shine, things eventually brightened up enough towards the afternoon to allow us to get the timber linings fitted to the metal stern doors. It hasn't half made a difference to the engine room. All we need now is another dryish day to get them painted.

Inside engine room
 Charlie also joined us at the boat today, but as usual he wanted all the attention and in on anything we were doing.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Engine room floor...

This is the start of the timber framing that has been fitted to the main metal floor support and will eventually have oak surrounds to form a rebate for the 18mm marine plywood flooring covered with a non slip rubber matting.

We also got the lining fitted to the sliding stern hatch.