Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cratch cover...

Friday, Corinne was dropped of at the boatyard early because the new cratch cover was getting fitted today, Charlie went along to keep her company. Fitters arrived about 9.30 and had done within the hour. Took just three days from site measure to installation. Pretty good as we had expected a four week wait.
Cover fitted.

Charlie giving it a good inspection.

Time to go home.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fitting the Cratch Frame...

Yesterday we touched up the paintwork at the front of the boat ready for fitting the cratch frame today. Arriving just after ten this morning and set about fitting the frame straight away, we decided to varnish it instead of painting as first planned, it can always be painted at a later date if we change our minds again.
A dry run before fixing starts.
Getting ready to fix glazing.

Finishing touches, Corinne varnishes.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rotten weather...

It was cold damp and miserable this morning, even inside the boat it was cold when we arrived. Back at the beginning of the year after the squirrel was installed we vowed never to be cold again, gone are the days of wrapping up in loads of layers. So this morning we lit the fire, within thirty minutes it was starting to warm up and after an hour it was too warm.

Last bits of boxing and low level trims were completed today, damn its hot in here.

Back at home we have finally finished gluing together all the sections for the portholes, this took us fourteen days to complete because of only having one jubilee clip that will extend to this size.

Two sections glued together to make a porthole blank ready for turning.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Joinery Stuff has arrived at last...

 We collected the missing items of joinery today, they've been on order for a while now. The table is looking great but so huge.

The cratch frame has been made from sapele not oak as it will be painted to match the boats colour scheme, and hopefully a harlequin design down the centre panel.
Charlie feeling left out and trying to get in on the act.

 This is the cabin, its been on going but for some reason we haven't posted a photo of it progress. The drawers missing in the wardrobe are just some of the items we collected today.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cupboard Handles...

Corinne couldn't wait to see what the new handles would look like, so fitted some on the galley dresser.

Northwich Marine Electrician...

Last week we contacted a marine electrician from Northwich to come and do the final connections of the boats electrical system. She said 10am, which is a bit early for us as we usually take Charlie out for his walk before we going out. Anyway we got up earlier on Saturday and took Charlie as usual. Rushed about and managed to get to the boat before ten. Eleven came and still no sign of her so Corinne phoned her, no answer. We tried a few times during the day and got the same.
We will definately not be recommending her to friends, very unreliable, inconsiderate and unable to answer or make a call to let us know she wasn't coming.
I will be letting Midland Chandlers know what she is like as they recommended her. :(

Saturday, 7 September 2013


This week we have spent our evenings laying the flooring to the dinette and galley, how we have noticed the nights drawing in. Dark by 8.30pm.

Boards have been laid on silicone to stop squeaks and to allow for some movement, secret nailed at random points.

Timber floor finished today, our to do list is starting to get smaller at last.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cupboard doors...

More cupboard doors went on this weekend, a decision on handle type has now got to be made. We still haven't got the drawer fronts yet.

First coat of oil going on