Sunday, 31 August 2014


Arriving in Nantwich earlier after only a short trip, we'd decided a rest was deserved after yesterdays longer than expected trip in the rain. We had a good spot so lounged around before taking a walk into Nantwich. Its a lovely town and has some really nice buildings.
Our mooring for the night

The Old Savings Bank

Looking like work has just started on renervating

Small courtyard of shops

Would love this as a house

Leads to coffee shop

On our way back to the boat we bumped into Diane and Ray from Nb Fernwood, we met again in the morning as we both arrived at the service area together. Hope to meet you both again soon for a proper chat.

Audlem in the rain...

It was definitely a more pleasant trip going than coming back through Audlem. We moored up for a water top up, not that we really needed it just wanted a photo of us outside the Shroppie Fly. 
Us outside the shroppie

Our prefered feeding and watering hole when in town.

Half way up the locks

Our homeward trip happened to be on Monday Bank holiday, it rained all the way down the fifteen locks, hardly anyone was passing in the opposite direction so it made things even harder. 

About half way down Charlie decided to fall off the boat at one of the locks, not just his back legs this time, he was slowly sliding down the stern claws grinding at the paintwork as he went, we caught hold of his collar then a leg then anything we could, it took both of us to pull him out of the water, I still dont know how we did it without having to get in the water, Charlie weighs nine stone on a dry day and I'am sure hes put on a few pounds since his last check-up. All the visitor moorings had gone after lock 10 so on we go.

As we emptied lock 13 a CRT man appeared from nowhere and helped while Corinne walked down to start setting the next lock. We were shocked at the amount of moored boats, it must have been the rain that dissuaded them from attempting the locks. Pussies!

We finally stopped just passed the marina at Overwater.

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Wolverhampton, heading south the approach to and including the 21 lock flight didn't seem too bad but once we'd passed the services at Broad Street Basin things went down hill pretty quickly, not the sort of areas I would willingly stop for the night at, the water was covered in a film of something but we couldn't decide what, we just new it wasn't the time fall in, wildlife was also non existent but that was probably understandable. Today had turned out to be the worst day so far. We decided to continue into Birmingham, a long day and not one we had planned, it wasn't even guaranteed that a space would be available so late in the day.
Approach to lock 21
Charlie playing around
Flight ahead of us
Cottages at lock 1
Broad Street Basin
Passing through old Wolverhampton

The reverse trip was much better probably because we knew what was ahead of us, still a long day but it was done. The McDonald's next at lock 14? on the Wolverhampton flight made for a nice distraction as Corinne nipped to pick up donuts and coffee while I emptied the next lock.
Don't stop now only one more to go.


It was good to reach Birmingham, we got a spot just before Sheep Cote Street Bridge it was late in the day and thankful to find somewhere.
We settled down to relax and have dinner before taking Charlie for a walk along the canal and onto Gas Street Basin, It's a great place with plenty of places to eat and cafes to sit outside and watch the world go by.

Our mooring for two nights

Staying for two nights, we didn't venture far from the canal but we not the city type and the experience may have spoiled it for us, we enjoyed our stay around Birmingham Gas Street and would definately come back.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Market Drayton...

Moored up at Market Drayton last night, there's a floating market on so most of the visitor moorings were reserved for trading boats but most were empty. Needed food supplys and ionising water to top up the batteries. A late start today and a few boats going past.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Gnosall. S.U.C...

Stopping at Gnosall last night, we treated ourselves to fish and chips, not from the pub adjacent to the canal that offers takeaway fish and chips but from the chippy about a mile down the road and £4 cheaper, lovely they were too.
Charlie isn't allowed on the chairs but he always manages to work his way between us.

Trouble at the Junction...

Arriving at Norbury Junction today we made use of the CRT Services filling up and emptying the necessary thing's, then moving onto the diesel point. My high tech fuel gauge (a wooden dipstick) was telling me to fill up. We secured the ropes and Corinne went inside to see what the protocol was for getting fuel. It turns out we help ourselves then pay inside. What we didnt notice was Charlie had decided to take a look around by himself, and being a food monster followed his nose straight in to the cafe, not happy with that he then proceeded into the kitchen, as Corinne was leaving she could here shoo shoo and saw big lump 'Charlie' backing out of the kitchen. Oh dear in trouble again.


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Audlem to Market Drayton...

Twenty locks completed today, thats the fifteen at Audlem and five Adderley.

The house adjacent to lock 1 sells scones and cakes so we treated ourselves, turns out that the farm at Adderley locks were selling the same but half the price. Just my luck!

We've put Market Drayton in the title but have actually stopped for the night just before.

The wind has started to blow pretty hard, hope the surrounding trees can take it.

Wifi and Blogger...

I have never posted a blog on previous trips because of the problems I've had with image sizing, laptop, notepad, nothing worked. I've found out on this trip that posting using my phone works apart from, I can only post two images max, something to do with data levels being exceeded,  but I suppose two images are better than none.

Beeston to Audlem...

Three broad locks and staircase locks completed first thing this morning,  pairing up with some hire boaters made it easier.
Passing Barbridge Inn, it was a lot quieter than the last time we were here, on our return journey we intend to call in for a a meal.
Last two locks of the day at Hack Green.
Moored up in Audlem not far from where we stayed a few weeks ago.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Late start to Beeston...

Left the marina late yesterday evening for a head start through the broad locks today, managed to get one lock under our belt before mooring up for the night. This morning we woke to total silence. Bliss.

Heading South down the Shroppie this morning.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Last week we'd promised our mum and her sister a trip out on Dee O Ghee if the weather was OK today, going off the last few days rain it didn't look very promising, but peeping through the curtains early this morning it looked fine outside so the trip is on.

Having breakfast and taking Charlie out first, he wouldn't fit in the car with everyone else so was being left at home with Andy our son. Poor Charlie we don't like leaving him and he can certainly put on that sad look to make us feel even more guilty

We made the phone call to say we'd pick everyone up at 10.00, and had a quick coffee before setting off.

Arriving at the marina at 11.30 we soon got underway heading towards Chester our plan was to stop at the Cheshire Cat in Christleton for a meal before returning back. As we approached the pub it looked very busy so we winded at bridge 121 and moored up for a short walk further along the towpath to the Trooper. We tried their meal deals, Main course, as much salad as you wanted, as many drink refills (soft drinks or tea and coffee) plus ice cream, it was very nice and definately worth £9.99.

Back at the marina we'd had a lovely day, only one very short shower on the way there.

This trip: Miles 10.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

New Tiller Handle...

Corinne has mentioned on a few occasions in the past! that the original tiller handle was too long when standing in the streering position, my project today was to make us a new shorter handle, this time in oak to match the boats interior.

Old handle on bottom, new one on top.