Friday, 26 October 2012

One Year On...

This week mark's a year since we’ve had the boat, who would have thought it would have taken us this long to fit her out, as we are restricted to weekends and holidays, I guess it’s understandable. Hopefully we can get over the worst of the winter weather and might be ready for a spring launch.

We had another setback this week, Mark had to have keyhole surgery on a torn knee ligament, so he’s been told by the Dr, to rest and not to do anything for at least a couple of weeks. Not something we wanted to hear.
After the op but before the pain kicks in.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bit's and Bob's...

The weather today has been lovely blue sky. Perfect for painting, so we sanded down and coated the stern end with red oxide again as the finish wasn't that good here.

We've also tried to get a bit more done on the galley, the adaptors for reducing the 1 1/2" sink waste down to an 1" pipe seemed extortionate from M/C but we needed them. We warmed the suction pipe ends with boiling water to soften and expand them, this made pushing onto the adaptors easier and once cool it was a tight fit and the s/s jubilee clips shall make sure they don't come off.

This is our second skin fitting and we were a lot more confident drilling the hull this time, leaving the final connection until I bring my tap spanner next week, forgot it today.

One pair of side hatch doors were also finished today, these will be painted grey with a black panel and some sort of fancy decoration, probably of roses.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sink & Drainer...

Neither of us felt very much like work today, so we set ourselves the task of at least getting the sink and drainer fastened in position, when it was finished we were pleased we'd done something. This is now ready for the granite worktop. Next job is to install the skin fittings and pipework from the waste.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Breach near Dutton...

We decided to take a day off from working on the boat. Instead we would take Charlie for a long walk down the canal at Dutton as we haven't been there for a while, maybe we could see for ourselves the extent of the breach there.

We parked up near the main road at The Tunnel Top Pub and walked down to the canal just after Preston Brook tunnel, The first lock we came to was fenced off and wedged shut with a piece of timber as you would expect.
Walking past Dutton locks 36.
This was the last stretch of water before we got to bridge 213, you could see the water level was lower than usual but there were still some boats. It was a warm and sunny walk with the mist still lifting off the water.

Coming up to bridge 213. Charlie goes on to investigate. The towpath was closed and we couldn't see anything, we had hoped it wouldn't have been closed off so soon.
Water dammed off at bridge 213.
What's left of the water after bridge 213.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Galley and Side Hatch door liners...

Over the last couple of days we've been making up the front panel for the kitchen carcasses and the framing for the side hatch door liners. It isn't the easiest thing to do in such a confined space, with no bench to work at, everything is made on the floor. It plays havoc with the knee's and back.
Kitchen fascia fixed together and left overnight for the glue to set.
The side hatch liners are made from softwood as we intend to paint these to match the exterior decoration of the boat.

Two liners here, squared up and jointed together

 We fitted the kitchen fascia today, a quick sand over and the frame was ready to glue and screw in position. The doors won't be fitted till much later.

One set of side hatches nearly done.
A once over with the belt sander then finished with the orbital
The surplus glue that seeped out of the joint didn't half make it hard to release the frames from the floor, if I remember next time I'll be placing some paper down on the floor to stop them sticking. All that's left to do now is to router a rebate around the inner opening for the plywood panel and some sort of decorative moulding around the front.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The galley continues...

We're a little further today. Most of the work to construct the carcasses on one side of the galley are complete, just need to make the oak fascia that will finish it off so it looks good, the cooker is in place but not fixed yet.

The plywood on top is just acting as a temporary worktop and will be used as the template for the granite when we're ready, the half bulkhead for the dinette has been positioned but not cut to the correct height just yet, that will be done when we fit the seating.
Most of the afternoon was spent tidying up and making room to work. Tomorrow we will be starting the other side where the dresser will be going. (lol)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Galley...

Started today by cutting up some of the timber sheets we've had stored in the hallway at home for the last few weeks months and loaded up the car. We have finally started work on the galley cupboards. It doesn't look like we've done very much does it, but it's all in the preparation and tomorrow should see an improvement, I hope.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ballast to the galley...

Today we lifted the galley floor to remove and re-arranged some of the ballast to compensate for some of the heavier items we will be installing when we fit the galley out. A slither of timber was added to one of the floor bearers to take out a 5mm dip in the floor. We have even weighed one of the concrete blocks so we can estimate weights, one block equals 16.5kg.

 Day two of blacking, and the hull has now had two coats. It looks like we should get at least another coat before the end of the tin.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A day of painting...

When we arrived at the boat today we had a slight problem with the front doors, they had swelled slightly with all the damp in the air and jambed shut, should have known better really and coated them with a sealer when they were fitted. No real problem just meant we lost some time adjusting the lock and planing a bit off the meeting stiles. It's been nice today so a coat of varnish we applied should stop it from happening again.
Doors Varnished

Taking full advantage of the weather we started blacking the hull, the old blacking was very thin and had started wearing off in places, 5ltrs has gone a lot further than we thought so we intend to keep adding as many coats as we can until it runs out.

The rest of the day was spent planning how the kitchen would be constructed next week.

Friday, 5 October 2012


We have taken full advantage of Midland Chandlers Freaky Friday 20% off everything today, just got back with lots of goodies that should keep us busy for a few weeks. With us taking a few days off next week its come at just the right time.