Sunday, 19 January 2014

TV Unit...

It's so tempting to just sit back and relax when on board and forget all those unfinished jobs. This weekend we've been good and knuckled down to start fitting a TV cabinet, just one of the many jobs on our list of to do's. Using the front step as a TV stand just can't continue. The outer carcasse and bottom shelf done, well its a start.

Fitting that tricky bottom shelf

Marks head can just been seen, taking another break!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Better late than never...

Over the Christmas period we've had a couple of spells down at Dee O Ghee, once at the start of the holiday in December and again for a long weekend just gone, both times intending to blog while there but haven't due to the fact that we cant find a decent app for the ipad to re-sizes photos. I've always re-sized my photos before posting but I'm starting to wonder if its necessary or how other bloggers do it.

One thing we were both happy about, we finally got to grips with was the satellite system, so we got to watch a bit of telly, shame there wasn't much on.

Back to the grindstone today after the Xmas break, but we've had a enjoyable two weeks off.

Corinne won a Twitter competition for a guided tour around Concorde at Manchester Airport, we got to sit in first class and look around the cockpit where Corinne sat in the captains chair, a complete anorak when it comes to planes. It was a very enjoyable day. The airports viewing area has been revamped from the old days when we used to go plane spotting, gone has the small caravan that sold all the frozen spotters hot drinks and food, to be replaced by a big fancy new restaurant with comfy seats. 

An Airbus A380 came in to land while we were there, also a Boeing 747 just before it.




Marina between the rain showers

 Christmas day came and Charlie's been keeping a close eye on his presents, he isn't going to let his goodies out of sight now.
Doggie Christmas dinner
All mine

Not for doggies