Friday, 8 September 2017

The Boat and Folk Festival.

We woke to rain again on the roof this morning, it actually stopped long enough for Busters' walk but it rained again straight after. 

The boats batteries are very low today, We used the tumble dryer yesterday and we didn’t run the engine long enough afterwards to recharge them enough. Hopefully we can get a couple of hour charge into them later as we move along to Bollington. 

We passed Braidbar boats, they had one of their open days and the owners showing their boats were out getting them polished up. 

We moored just past the reserved mooring for Braidbars open day. Had some lunch and walked back to Chandlers to see if he had any fanbelts.

Boat floating loose.

On the approach into Bollington we passed dredgers that had finished working for the day. Mooring spots are scarce due to the underwater obstacles along the edge, so we gave up and continued through to finally moor up just before Adelphi Mill, on pins. 

Clarence Mill

Batteries topped up nicely, and ready for tonights takeaway and a movie on Film 4 at nine.

A quick search on Google for a local takeaway and Chinese seemed to be the preferred choice ‘Chopsticks’, it was only a twenty minute walk and a ten minute wait and we had our meal, on the way back we decided to detour and walk past the working boats at the folk festival, mostly everyone had gone but we had a nice chat with the chap on Gifford who was waiting for his wife to pick him up in the car. 

We soon had our feet up watching TV with our Chinese meal, lovely. 

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