Saturday, 2 September 2017

Thank God, ordeal over.

We woke around 8:30 when Buster jumped into bed for a warm he was late today maybe yesterday wore him out too. We finally got up around 09:00 which isn't like us, I took Buster for his walk while his mum made breakfast. Late morning and out with Buster again and a trip to the Local ASDA for a few bits and pieces. 

Just as we were about to leave a passer by told us of a terrapin sunning itself just past the lift bridge on some weed (not the smoking kind), he was right, sure enough there was a terrapin making the most of the sun, the photos I took are as good as I could get with my phone.

We finally cast off about 13:30 and safe to say we travelled further than we had planned, this is because mooring spots are few and far between, unless its just us being picky. Two tunnels down, Woodley and Hyde and we had to stop before the Marple lock flight no matter what, we ended up just short of the aqueduct.

Buster was eager for a walk so we locked up the boat and set off walking towards tomorrows trial ahead, the locks. There are two boats ahead of us possibly psyching themselves up ready for the 16 locks as well.

Our evening walk turned into a trial of its own, we managed to get lost and it took ages for us to find our way back. Sorry Buster but that walk included your bedtime walk.

Railway viaduct next to the aqueduct.

Back on the boat now feet up with a cool drink, Lovely.

(Note to self) We have decided after yesterday, it will be a very long time before anything can drag us back to Manchester and the Rochdale 9 and Ashton canal.

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