Sunday, 10 September 2017

Macclesfield Town

We moved up to Macclesfield today for some shopping. Mooring points on the pontoons are impossible to get, I bet these boats never move. The water point had moved since the last time we were here its been quite a few years so we had to ask someone where it had gone, it is now located just before bridge 38 if you're heading towards Bosley locks.

The Old Hovis Mill. 

We managed to squeeze in on the end of some boats, a bit close to the bridge for my liking and I would call others for doing it, but needs must.

Picking our moment to leave for the shops so we don't get a total drenching. I like Macclesfield, shame we cant spend more time there to look around properly. Worked there a few years back.

Back to the boat and moving off quickly while Corinne unpacks the bags. 

Tonights mooring is at Gurnet Aqueduct with Ye Olde Kings Head pub at the foot of the steps leading down to the road, just in time for Sunday lunch and dogs are welcome. 
We wanted to walk to Megs Point but can't find where it is. Nothing much here.

Ye Olde Kings Head

Sunday lunch was ok. I think Corinne was a little unhappy that her meal didn't come with stuffing, After all it was on the menu as Chicken and Stuffing, she wouldn't let me say anything. We tend not to complain just never go back.

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