Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Had enough.

Buster didn't want to get out of bed this morning, he climbed in with us early on and stayed there even after his mum had got up and was getting ready. Usually he is up with the first person that gets out of bed.

I had breakfast before taking him for his walk as he didn't seem that bothered about moving, maybe he remembered the rain we had yesterday.

We finally got out for a walk on a new route today, across the footbridge over the dual carriageway, I have to confess I am more than disappointed with the number of footpaths in this areas, no good for walkers or to let dogs off the lead. Turned out this walk was no better than the ones previously been on.

Back on the boat I did some d.i.y, and set out for some new vents that I will be fitting in the cupboard above the battery compartment in the engine room, I shall cut them out when we get back on the towpath. I don't think they would be too pleased with me doing it here.

Out again as we headed towards the gift shop to have a look what they have inside, when we got there everywhere was locked up. We set off for a look around the village. 

On the way back we passed by The Navigation Inn, I have to say this place is the best thing about Bugsworth, a proper pub and dog friendly just how I like them, the food is also excellent. 

Back to the boat we both agreed we had seen enough of the place and prepared to leave, calling to make use of the services on the way out, we finally got way just after 14:15. Corinne also got to see inside the little shop, coming away with a china cup and a model of a working narrowboat. 

As I steered to the junction with Whaley Bridge Corinne vacuumed and put some washing on.

We cruised for just over two hour got through the four lift and swing bridge before mooring up behind another boat.

Buster has been on he first real walk in days.
Red dot shows position of Dee O Ghee

Swing bridge 30 was a pig to shut it took me at least ten minutes to do.

Bugworth basin, My conclusion. 

Im glad I can say we have been here. 
The little shop is really good and the shop keeper was super friendly.
The services are well looked after and in excellent condition.
The Navigation Inn has excellent food and drink. 
Plenty of takeaways only a short walk into Whaley Bridge.
Tesco close by.

There are no decent walks. 
The dual carriageway is very noisy only about 50 yard from where we were moored.

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