Monday, 11 September 2017

Bosley Locks.

This trip is becoming a total washout and if we are to make any headway we will have to start moving while it is raining. Forecast is not good for the next week. To look on the bright side the canals will be full.

Contemplating whether to move up to Bosley locks, or maybe even do them today in the rain!

We decided to make a move and had just started our engine and lifted the fender when the heavens opened with the heaviest rain Ive seen. Coal boat Halsall was just passing by us, I was going to get some coal but it can wait until another dryer time.

The rain stopped to a steady pour so we set off. I pulled the rear doors closed and pulled the hatch up to my belly to stop as much of the rain as I could getting inside, Corinne brought a coffee out to me.

The first swing bridge was open and we got waved through the seconded by someone coming the other way, cant be bad. 

We reached Bosley Services and pulled into the short arm no the left.

Reversing out of the services as we started on down the locks, it rained all the way down to lock 8, and then eased to just showers. It was a relief to get moored up.

We have a nice view of the Cloud.

Coal boat Halsall passed shortly after and we got our two bags of coal.

Coal boat Halsall dropping off coal, Buster trying to helping out.
Stove lit and ready to settle down for the evening.

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