Saturday, 9 September 2017

Bollington, Day 2.

The usual old things this morning. Weather even worse than previous days, todays excursion to White Nancy won't probably happen. 

We phoned our youngest son and wished him Happy Birthday, He is Twenty today.

A lull in the weather around late morning allowed us to venture down to the working boats and folk festival near Clarence Mill. A market stall selling boat art was open so we bought a painted slate heart for the boat to hang on the wall, the artist who made all the items on show had only just started sell his canal ware and we were the second person ever to have bought something,honoured.

Morris Dancers

Our new decorated slate heart.

On the way back, the boat moored up behind us had drifted out into the canal so we pulled it back in and re-pinned it, good deed for the day done.
We re-did our pins for good measure and climbed on board just as the rain started, perfect timing.
Heavy downpour

We sat for a while then gave the inside of the boat a clean while we couldn't get outside, I refilled the stern grease pump, for the first time. It has lasted five years.

Bloody boats going too fast have again sent us adrift into the canal, this time it was the festival trip boat. We shall move about a hundred yards up the canal, I can see a vacant spot and there are rings. 

The evenings have been the best part of the days over the last couple of nights so we climbed to White Nancy, and rainbow came out just as we got to the top.

Rainbow came out as we reached the top of the hill.

Panoramic view of Bollington.

White Nancy

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