Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Adventure Begins.

Exiting the entrance of the marina looked tricky but was in fact quite easy, or maybe just beginners luck. It was early afternoon. The weather is lovely now lets hope it will continue.

It wasn't long before we were passing the old Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI) now owned by Tata India at Lostock, the place is looking in bad shape, some of it almost in ruins. Its been about twenty years since I did some work there.

Passing some marinas and the lovely smell of freshly baked bread coming from Roberts Bakery a short distance away. 

The Lions Salt work museum has opened up since we last passed here, there didn't seem much room for us to moor so we carried on by, but I would definitely like to call in again sometime for a visit. 

We moored up for the night at Marbury Country Park late afternoon, it is beautiful around here. The Hall has long since gone, demolished in the 60’s but the walks around the old grounds are great, and ideal for dogs.
Creamfields music festival is taking place in Warrington today and the noise coming from it could easily be heard from here, Buster refused his last walk before bed at just after 22:15 because of all the flashing lights in the sky. 
Our view from the side hatch tonight.

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