Monday, 28 August 2017

For the worse.

Not sure what time we set off probably around mid morning. We reached Preston Brook Tunnel with about 10 minutes to spare until our North bound passage was due to enter the tunnel. It was very busy on the Southbound side and boats were lined up from the stop lock right up to the tunnel entrance with just enough room for us to pass into the tunnel, we were third in the queue of boats, I haven't seen it this busy.

A very quick visit into Midland Chandlers on the way past for some ropey things? then the usual landmarks, Daresbury Laboratories, Walton Gardens where we stopped to walk Buster, but we forgot it was Bank Holiday so we did an about turn and came back to the boat once we realised, the place was crammed with kids. Back on the boat time for a read a nap and then off again for a short trip through Stockton Heath and on to Grappenhall where we met up with some friends. I was their first time to the boat and it was very nice to see them, so glad they could make it.

Daresbury Laboratories

Entering Preston Brook Tunnel Northbound.

Inside Preston Brook Tunnel.
I have a feeling things are going the change for the worse in Grappenhall. Warrington Council have plans to build houses there. 
The old school is closed and boarded up.

The old vicarage is abandoned.

How it looks now, lets see how it changes.

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