Monday, 29 May 2017

A Few Days Painting.

Things are starting to look a little shabby on the exterior especially the roof paintwork, red is not the greatest colour choice really, some other areas are also starting to rust, especially along the left hand gutter where I without fail catch it on the tunnel at Chirk every time we go through it.

Work to re-black below the waterline was carried out by Swanley Marina back in April.

The long bank holiday weekend was chosen to start work and it was a good one, lovely weather ideal for painting. We moved just up the canal from the marina and tied up for two days. Buster loved the freedom and was shattered both days meeting lots of doggies that passed by. I didn't finish what we had planned but at least we made a start.

Working boats Mountbatten & Jellicoe  a few hundred yards down the canal.

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