Saturday, 5 March 2016

Belt Supplier Problems...

Last year our alternator belt snapped. It is a Gates Super-HC MN SPA975 Cogged belt, We have searched high and low for a replacement but with no luck, dimensions are (w)12.7x(d)10x(l)975mm. We have fitted a standard cut v-belt that didn't last very long. also an alternative cogged belt looking like it will snap at any moment although it has lasted up until now. I would like to replace this belt with what was on originally. Seeing the problem I'm having finding an alternator belt I would like to have a spare engine drive belt too, same type just shorter at 882mm. The Gates website is very hard to search.

Alternator belt

Engine drive belt


  1. Try Wharf House Chandlery - they sourced our specialist Hybrid Gates belt for us - give them a ring!!
    Gary and Della

  2. if you search under the German location rather than the UK it lists the spa 975 as being in stock, maybe a phone call to the uk number might track one down for you to be sent from Germany. I'm no expert and just happened across the site on the link after reading your blog and searching google. Caroline

  3. Hello, I've got the same problem - did you find a supplier?

    I've got an Isuzu 35 engine on my boat, and need both SPA975 and SPA882 Super HC/MN belts by Gates.

  4. Hi Stuart,
    We found the belts we needed by following Caroline and Martins link.
    Only problem is they do have a minimum purchase limit.
    Hope this helps.