Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Gauntlet Centre, Knutsford.

We set off mid-morning for our booked visit to The Gauntlet Centre in Knutsford Cheshire. The weather was dry even if a bit windy, we arrived bang on time. 

The bird handler started Corinne of with the small birds first, Oliver was a lovely tame owl that loved to have his head stroked. He didn't fly today.
Oliver the White Faced Scops Owl

Next was Eric, it was a bit windy for him and he was reluctant to fly for us.
Eric the Long Eared Owl
 Ronnie, Corinnes favourite was big, and responded well for treats.
Ronnie the Great Grey Owl
 Ronnie swooping in for its food.
Ronnie taking his treat
Terry also flew well and wasn't bothered by the wind.
Terry the Hooded Vulture
 Marks favourite was the Harris hawk. Slick was more interested in other things to start with but soon performed well when he realised where the food was best.
Slick the Harris Hawk

 No, we didn't get to fly the bald eagle but he looked magnificent on his perch.
Bald Eagle

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