Saturday, 7 November 2015


We arrived in Nantwich late morning on Thursday passing Debbie and James moored up on Nb Lois Jane, Debbie was outside and we said we would call around later, our water situation was desperate the gauge had read zero for at least last day now.
After filling up we passed under the bridge and spotted a 24hr mooring just the right size for us. It was now lunch time so we called in at Waterside Cafe just in time before it poured down, so glad that it had a covered seating area, we had a toasted sandwich and cup of coffee, Buster got the corners.


Please I'm sitting good

We dropped Buster back off at the boat. His first time left on his own in the boat, what would we come back too?
It was a short walk to visit James, Debbie and Dudley, we had a lovely afternoon. Mark got to chat to James about his pens, and a look at the finished products, superb workmanship made from excellent materials, and a choice of beautifully made pen sleeves.

The Pen Makers Boat - Website (Click Here)

Couldn't resist getting this one.
Compulsory blog pose.
 We got back to the boat and peeped through the window, Buster was fast asleep on the settee, he had even eaten is food so can't have minded being left alone.

We ordered a Chinese takeaway for dinner and walked into Nantwich to collect it, on the way a firework went off,  I suddenly realised it was bonfire night poor Buster. We collected the takeaway and were back to the boat before he'd notice any bangs.

 Friday Debbie and James accepted our invitation to come around to visit us and meet Buster (The little Monster) another lovely morning.
Hope to meet up again soon.

 We set off early afternoon and were moored up at the top of Hurleston locks within two hours.

In the afternoon we walked to Snugburys Ice-cream and sampled some of their ice-cream, it started to rain on the way back and we got soaked, first time this week so we hadn't done bad.

This morning before we set off.

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  1. It was lovely meeting you both, we enjoyed your company. So pleased you like the pen and thank you for your very kind words.
    You put me to shame - I really must get our blog updated :).