Sunday, 1 November 2015

Nantwich to Coole Pilate

Mark’s taken a week off work for some rest and relaxation so we have come to spend it on D.O.G, Fridays stay was in the marina, next morning Mark fitted a new fan belt as the last one had snapped just as we entered the marina on our last trip out. I filled the water tank and off we went to get some diesel, setting off toward Hurleston it was a nice quiet trip with hardly any other boats moving,

Our first night was at Nantwich, opposite the fair! oh dear. It turned out it wasn't that bad really but Buster wasn't impressed with all the bangs and fireworks. All the noise had stopped by 22.00 but Corinne was complaining at breakfast that she couldn't get off to sleep last night because of all the bangs and clanks until after 01.00. Mark never heard a thing.
Nantwich Fair

This morning Buster woke Mark around 08.30 for his walkies, he wouldn't go out last night due to the fireworks so he must have been desperate. We lazed around and caught up on all the news, blogs and tweets, it was around 11.00 before we set off. A foggy morning that turned out to stay with us all day. As we left Nantwich we passed James and Debbie on Nb-Lois-Jane, it was at an awkward spot just before a bridge and moored boats so we couldn't stop and chat, hopefully next time, would love to see your turned pens James. Im a bit of a wood-turner myself. i.e. Mark.

Now at Coole Pilate, so quiet compared to last night but then again anywhere would be, Buster managed to find some horrible smelly stuff on the grass bank and rolled in it (Poo) he needed a wash down before he was allowed back on-board.
Coole Pilate
All warm and relaxed

Forgot to say, we got some headphones for our walkie talkies before the trip and this was the first time we used them, they work great so handset can now stay in the pockets while we chat.
New ear piece

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  1. Hi, yes it was a bit of an awkward spot where we past - typical. We are at Nantwich opposite the marina wharf for the next couple of days. If you're heading back this way it would be lovely to finally meet and say hello. Debbie and James.