Sunday, 3 August 2014


Last week we'd promised our mum and her sister a trip out on Dee O Ghee if the weather was OK today, going off the last few days rain it didn't look very promising, but peeping through the curtains early this morning it looked fine outside so the trip is on.

Having breakfast and taking Charlie out first, he wouldn't fit in the car with everyone else so was being left at home with Andy our son. Poor Charlie we don't like leaving him and he can certainly put on that sad look to make us feel even more guilty

We made the phone call to say we'd pick everyone up at 10.00, and had a quick coffee before setting off.

Arriving at the marina at 11.30 we soon got underway heading towards Chester our plan was to stop at the Cheshire Cat in Christleton for a meal before returning back. As we approached the pub it looked very busy so we winded at bridge 121 and moored up for a short walk further along the towpath to the Trooper. We tried their meal deals, Main course, as much salad as you wanted, as many drink refills (soft drinks or tea and coffee) plus ice cream, it was very nice and definately worth £9.99.

Back at the marina we'd had a lovely day, only one very short shower on the way there.

This trip: Miles 10.

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