Sunday, 13 July 2014

Follow-up on Moonraker TV Aerial...

We finally got a chance to try out our new TV receiver away from the marina. Following Tom & Jans comment, we were interested to see how it performed.
I suspect the Moonraker is directional. We usually have to point ours inline with the transmitter. We also have it mounted at the top of a pole to get over those towpath hedges.
 As it happened the aerial picked up a signal without any adjustment required, maybe just luck. We did notice that in the marina we picked up English TV and when out on the cut for the night Dee O Ghee, pointing in the opposite direction could only get Welsh TV, suggesting it is directional. The picture quality was excellent and its still easier and quicker to set up than Free-sat. Still liking it.

Moonraker fixed to rear of cratch

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