Sunday, 18 May 2014

New shower pump...

Not that the one fitted was old, it just wouldn't work when required, I traced the fault back to the float sensor, cost for replacing the sensor didn't warrant a repair, plus I never did like that pump. A new one was purchased last week, a Whale gulper 220. Plan was to do a staight swap today but the waste pipe needs to be reduced in size so couldn't complete.

Old Shower Pump 


  1. Hiya both
    We'll maybe have time for a chat next time! It was a bit hectic there wasn't it!
    KevinToo, avid blog reader, put me onto your blog in a comment last night.
    I bet you'll be getting bits from Midland Chandlers for the new pump, eh...
    Cheers, Geoff.

    1. Hi Geoff, Don't seem to have this internet on the move thing cracked just yet, haven't been able to blog, post anything again on this trip. We did call in at Midland Chandlers :-)
      Hope to meet soon for a chat.