Thursday, 8 May 2014


We planned a long weekend to Chester, our internet searches for the best and safest mooring spots had left us unsure about entering and mooring in the city overnight.

Set off on Saturday around ten-thirty, the weather was once again nice to us, we passed what seemed like never ending rows of moored boats just after Tattenhall, but the scenery was lovely and we weren't in a rush.


We stopped at Hunts Cross for lunch alongside Aldi and called in for some supplies.
Water tower as you approach Chester

Old Steam Mill
These old building look fantastic it's a shame so many get demolished and replaced by metal clad monstrosities.
Old warehouses as we enter Chester.

As we approached Cow lane bridge we knew this was our last winding hole before the staircase locks, if we pass here and all the moorings at Telford basin had gone it would mean coming back up the staircase, we didn't want to do that, so we stayed here knowing it was likely to get noisy at tonight.

The Lock Keepers Pub
Keeping our moorings as far from the Lock Keepers pub as possible.

View from Cow Lane Bridge
As it happened we were surprised how quiet it actually was at night, saying that it doesn't take many drunks passing by in the early hours to make it a restless couple of nights, and some joker thinking it would be hilarious to rock Dee O Ghee at god knows what time in the morning. These are 48 hour mooring and you've done well to last that long.

View onto Frodsham Street

Cobbled streets

Approaching the clock from the city wall

When we reached the clock bridge we were amazed at the amount of people out and about.

Corinne with the river Dee behind her.

Roman Amphitheatre Remains

Charlie feeling sorry for himself

Telford basin from city wall
Telford basin looked pretty full on Saturday when viewed from afar so we stayed put at Cow lane bridge.

City wall walk completed and its back to the boat for a drink and rest.

Charlie, Dog tired
Sunday was a lot quieter and we decided to take a walk down the canal to see the staircase locks and Telford basin before going inside the walls.

Canal cutting channelled out of the rock
'Bridge of Sighs'
 The small footbridge was once used to link a chapel with the Gaol on either side of the canal where prisoners would be led across to make their peace with God before execution.

Charlie feeling a bit more lively today

Centre staircase lock, all are very deep

Telford basin, definitely a lot quieter on Sunday.

Telford Warehouse

King Charles's Tower over looks the canal
'King Charles Stood on this Tower Sept. 24th 1645, and saw his army defeated at Rowton Moor'

Town Hall
The red building was once Westminster Coach & Motor Car Works

Tour bus

Night shot taken on my phone

McDonalds charged us £1.69, 20p more for the same coffee we get near home. Ripping off the tourists I guess.
Small alleyways leading off to various other shops

We ventured out at night for a photograph of the stained glass all lit up but the cathedral was in darkness, what a shame.

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