Sunday, 6 April 2014

First Cruise of the year...

Finally we've managed to get away, work has been busy these last few weeks including the weekends and we haven't been down to the boat in over a month, this weekend seemed a little quieter so we decided to make an extra effort to get out for the first cruise of the year even though the weather forecast wasn't that promising. We arrived at the boat early on Saturday and after filling up with water it got to around eleven before setting off, it had rained earlier but things looked brighter now and it was nice to be cruising again. We only had about a hours lock free trip before we reached our planned winding hole, our first time ever turning around and it was executed very well.
We moored up for the night slightly down from The Shady Oak Pub, and took Charlie for a walk, lots of new doggy sniffs, The Shady Oak allowed dogs in so we called for a quick drink before heading back for a long deserved rest, in the evening we couldn't get a satellite signal so we watched an episode of Midsomer Murders on DVD, did some reading and word puzzles before a final walk and then bedtime.

This is seeming to be a well photographed place, we must take at least one photo every time we pass it.
Beeston Castle on the hill top
 This was Charlie's first cruise on Dee O Ghee, he always seemed to enjoy previous boating holidays we have been on. He doesn't like his photo taken so this is a rare one of him looking at the camera.

Say Cheese Charlie

Charlie looking out

Lots of boats passed us this weekend, lost count of how many.

Our mooring for the night

Corinne out taking photos

Crossing a narrow road bridge (109)
The Shady Oak Pub

The old mill cottage

Bridge number 108 Shropshire Union

Charlie showing he can still run
We had a visitor on Sunday morning, looking to see if any food was on offer.
A cheeky swan

Mr Peacock posing on the pub bench as we went past
We had a really nice weekend out on Dee O Ghee, got back to base around 2pm. the wind had just decided to pick up as we arrived at the marina, blowing directly out of the entrance making it impossible for us to turn in without the bow getting blow across the canal, took us a while to get it under control with Corinne guiding the bow with the rope. I bet we provided some great entertainment for the people in the club house, thank goodness we managed to moor up without a problem, bet no one saw that!

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