Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dee O Ghee launch Video...

Well the big day arrived on the 14th Nov, Launch day for Dee O Ghee. We planned to get her in the water on Thursday and spend the rest of the day doing any final trimming of the ballast before we set off in her on Friday. As it happened she floated pretty much perfect and only needed some very slight additional trimming.
This left the rest of the day to pack things away and fit the cabin (bedroom) carpet.

>>Click here to see launch video<<


  1. That's quite an angle down that slipway, isn't it!

    1. Yeah it is, was ready for it though after watching other boats go in. Taped up all the exhausts outlets that I didn't want water to go into before hand. :)

  2. Great Video, nice to see the launch, now its finally time for you both to enjoy boating! Best Wishes. James and Doug x