Sunday, 24 November 2013

Charlies first weekend...

We have just spent this weekend down at Swanley Marina. Charlie came with us, it was his first visit since we've been on the water. He's a big doggy and has had to get used to reversing again as we didn't build many turning circles into the boat for him. His back legs aren't as good as they once were so he finds the easiest of steps awkward at the best of times, getting on and off the stern has been a challenge, on one occasion a back leg was left dangling into the water until dad helped him up. 
Friday night was cold and Charlie insisted on sleeping in the bed with us to keep warm, just like at home, only difference is this bed is a lot smaller and higher but he didn't seem to mind that. Corinne had to get out of bed to lift him in a few times during the night.
Saturday & Sunday, Mark was working so Corinne and Charlie explored the facilities, Charlie had a fuss made of him at the reception and was given a gravy bone for being a lovely boy. Corinne picked up the access codes for the free wifi but we couldn't get them to work, we didn't manage to get a phone signal either.
A cold Saturday morning
Went for a drive and walk into Nantwich, picked up a Chinese takeaway on Saturday night and returned to the boat for a nice meal, we even opened a bottle and had a glass of wine. not something we often do.

Spent the evenings playing cards and watching the box set of Gimme Gimme Gimme and Auf Wiedersehen Pet as we haven't picked up a cable for the tv yet

Came home this evening, but have really enjoyed our few days at Swanley.

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