Saturday, 5 October 2013

Naming day has arrived...

We have kept the name very hush hush! just in case it changed, but saying that we've had Dee O Ghee pretty much decided on for at least a year now.

Why Dee O Ghee. Well we wanted a name that was unique and we think we may have managed that, we both love dogs but naming it after Charlie sounded like it had probably been used countless times before. Dee O Ghee came from when we used to tried to fool Charlie, If we mentioned the word dog he would jump up and either think it was time for his walk or one of his four legged friends was walking down the street, we then tried spelling it out like dee o ghee not (gee), it didn't take him long to catch on but we stuck with spelling it out. As a joke one of us said why not call the boat Dee O Ghee and that we did.


  1. Fantastic!!!! At last you have a name!!! We love the signwriting very well done, we used to use the same phrase for Oscar! xx

  2. Great idea, our dog learned to spell as well though. He learnt 'D I double N, E R' particularly quickly!

  3. Thank you all, Damn clever these pooches.

  4. Our Amy, when very young, used to spell walkies as w 3 4s so our dog Pepsi would not go mad. Where the 3 4 came from we never did know.

    Congrats on a super name, its got a lovely ring to it and the artwork is fantastic.

    Dee O Ghee is coming along nicely and you have a lovely boat there.

    1. Thanks, it's mad what we do to fool our pets. Never works for long though.

  5. Congrats on that name, love it!

    Bloomin' dogs understand the English language and the spelling of it.. I only have to say "When I come back" and they know darn well I am going to take them out!