Saturday, 12 October 2013


The stove was lit today and we tried out the new ecofan purchased from Midland Chandlers on their last 20% off freaky Friday, definitely felt a difference down the boat. The hot spot around the stove disappeared and the heat spread quicker, wasn't long before I was down to my tee-shirt. 

The brasses haven't been cleaned for nearly two years and needed a good work over, not quite got there yet but they are certainly looking better.

A visitor from our friends boat moored nearby, shep comes and says hello whenever we are about.


  1. Chris Trotman (Black Swan)13 October 2013 at 11:13

    I think the Ecofan works even better if positioned towards the rear of the stove so there is more heat in fronto of it to be pushed forward into the boat.

    1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the comment. I was aware of that, not sure if you can make it out properly from the photo but the flue exits at the top and is stopping me positioning the fan any further back. We did try various positions but front seemed as good as any.

  2. If I remember correctly, the instructions say not to stand it in front of the flue. We put ours at an angle to one side; it doesn't really matter what direction it points in, as it will still move air around. I know some people think the fans don't work, but we notice a big difference.

  3. Yeah you have the same stove as us and we can just about manage to get the ecofan towards the back with the blades running in front of the flue. Ours is just on a bit more than an angle to you but it does leave room for the kettle/stew pot.

    For sure it is a brilliant bit of kit that. We got ours from Canada many years ago and it is still going strong!