Sunday, 8 September 2013

Northwich Marine Electrician...

Last week we contacted a marine electrician from Northwich to come and do the final connections of the boats electrical system. She said 10am, which is a bit early for us as we usually take Charlie out for his walk before we going out. Anyway we got up earlier on Saturday and took Charlie as usual. Rushed about and managed to get to the boat before ten. Eleven came and still no sign of her so Corinne phoned her, no answer. We tried a few times during the day and got the same.
We will definately not be recommending her to friends, very unreliable, inconsiderate and unable to answer or make a call to let us know she wasn't coming.
I will be letting Midland Chandlers know what she is like as they recommended her. :(


  1. Hi, Unfortunate to hear about your experiances with the electrician. I'm fairly sure it would be the same one that did work on our narrowboat and we couldn't recommend her highly enough, although she herself admitted that she always needed prompts and reminders to turn up! Not a great way to run a business I know, but once on the job, she really knows her stuff and did a fantastic job, was completly trust worthy and very fair price wise. Although we no longer have a narrowboat, for any electrical work,she would have been our first and only choice if we did still own one.

  2. I think I know who you're talking about too... Lucky escape if you ask me. Our fridge was wired up in a rush and it was only a year later when we found out that the cable supplied was far too inadequate leading to excess drain in the batteries. That was just one issue,... I could go on but won't. If you want a great guy, try someone called Ed Shires of FC Marine - top bloke and does excellent work and fair price! Google him, and you'll get his contact details if you haven't already found someone else!