Saturday, 7 September 2013


This week we have spent our evenings laying the flooring to the dinette and galley, how we have noticed the nights drawing in. Dark by 8.30pm.

Boards have been laid on silicone to stop squeaks and to allow for some movement, secret nailed at random points.

Timber floor finished today, our to do list is starting to get smaller at last.


  1. Looking good guys - you are doing a fabulous job!!
    Where are you on the canal system? We are on the River Soar at the moment, but hope to be on the move from next weekend - heading first onto the Trent and Mersey up to Great Heywood.
    Look forward to crossing paths with you and comparing boat build notes!
    Gary and Della
    NB Muleless

    1. Thanks, we are on the Bridgewater Canal at the moment. But shall be on the move shortly. Not sure where we will end up yet. Look forward to meeting you both in the future.