Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bits of Everything....

Corinne has finished all the doggy porthole bungs. This morning we went to collect the cupboard doors from the joiners shop, drawer fronts still need to be made, we started to fit the galley doors first with piano hinges from screwfix but gave up soon after because of the inferior quality of the hinges, absolute rubbish. Have decided to look for another type of hinge.

Another little job was the connect the water supply to the toilet and test all the domestic pipework for leaks with an air test that passed with flying colours to my surprise. We had already half filled the water tank last week.

 Next job was to start covering the steps in the engine room, we managed to get two done before we'd had enough and called it a day.

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  1. Dear Mark and Corinne,

    I noticed some lovely porthole bungs on your website. If you would please be willing to make some for sale or recommend a bung maker, I would be most grateful. Mine are old and falling apart and I am having no luck finding anyone willing to make them.

    Best regards, Andrew (