Friday, 28 June 2013

Anti-slip paint...

Yet another week of taking it easy, we seem to have had a lot of them this year.

One job that needed doing while the weather was dry, the anti-slip paint. Wasn't too sure how this would turn out. We used Leyland floor paint from Screwfix and a small bag of grit from Midland Chandlers.

The area to be painted was masked off and Corinne applied the first coat while I followed behind sprinkling the grit over the wet paint. I had wondered about adding the grit to the paint before hand but decided I would have more control like this. When I started I could see Corinne's face and knew exactly what she was thinking "Oh no what have you done" I must admit I was leaning towards the same thoughts, but too late to go back.
After leaving the first coat to go tacky and applying more grit were it was thin. We applied a second coat of paint and it was looking pretty good. By the time we had finished it was looking great and just the finish we wanted.

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  1. That is exactly how MGM did ours. They have been doing it this way for ages. Seems to work well. Will let you know how it performs as we get boating!
    Gary and Della
    NB Muleless