Monday, 6 May 2013

Making the most of the good weather…

We’ve been coming home from the boat shattered this long weekend, even too tired to post our progress on the blog until this evening.

On Friday evening after work we managed to get a few hours headstart sanding down the roof ready for paint. We had actually started to think that a few days good weather would never arrive, and we were anxious to get the painting started before the mass of flies started to arrive.
Saturday we completed the prep work and gave the roof a coat of pink undercoat, it was one of the longest days we’d spent at the boat and every muscle was aching. Sunday morning and still aching we took Charlie for his walk and got down to the boat as early as we could, yet another long day was spent giving the roof its first coat of the final colour. It turned out a bit patchy but I needn't have worried because after another coat today it’s starting to look ok. I think another one or two coats should do the trick.


  1. It's coming on a treat, when are you hoping to be done by?

  2. We're hoping to be on the water in around three months.

  3. Hi Mark and Corinne, just been catchig up with your blog. The work you have done on your boat is incredible, she is looking fab and an absolute credit to you both, keep up the good work!

    Debbie :)

    1. Thanks Debbie, hopfully shouldn't be long till we're on the water.