Monday, 8 April 2013

Stove Chimney...

With the weather set to be dry for most of the day we made the decision to start fitting the stove flue and chimney. The cold breeze outside didnt help and after an hour or so we soon lost the feeling in our fingers.

Midland Chandler's ordered in a flue kit we liked off their website so we could see how it went together before we bought it. This was the one we finally went for as it looks very simple to install. It is Morsos own make of insulated flue kit with no cutting to size required. The two flue pipes just slide telescopically together to increase and decrease the length required.

Holding down anchors to secure the stove to the hearth are also included in the kit. 
Morso squirrel flue kit.

The collar does have some adjustment for the roof slope, but not enough for our boat.
Collar with cap fitted.
We were very pleased with the finished job and how easy it went together.

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