Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nearly finished...

It's been quite warm at the boat today. Finally finished off the edging to the shelf and fitted it along with the front panel, this means we've gone as far as possible with the vanity unit until we get the worktop.
The waste water pump has also been secured to the bulkhead, I've connected the suction hoses ready for when the skin fitting and basin go in, as usual I've spent more time trying to find things than doing the actual job, the jubilee clips have gone missing, i'm sure I had some left.

Another early finish, we really need to start doing a full days work.


  1. Hi Mark and Corinne, Have really enjoyed reading your blog. The boat looks amazing. Are you a joiner by trade Mark? Have you done anything like this before? Very inspirational!

  2. Hi Kev, Thanks for your comments it’s always nice to hear from people that reading the blog. I am a joiner by trade, served my apprenticeship over thirty years ago, where have the years gone! This is the first time we've fitted out a narrowboat and we're enjoying every minute, maybe not so much when its cold. Thanks for reading.