Friday, 2 November 2012

Mini handheld vacuum cleaner...

We have been looking for a small hand held cleaner that will do for the boat but didn't want to go for a battery operated one as we've never found them to be much use, either the battery doesn't last long enough or it's always flat when you come to use it. Granted most of the time a dust pan and brush will suffice, but for the trickier corners and gaps, we found this. It's a Ewbank Chilli £39.

Very compact and comes with a 7m lead, flexible nozzle and an attachment for converting to upright use.

Reviews we've read are good, and no dust bags are required. We havent had time to give it a proper test yet, but it looks good.

You can see how small it is from Charlies nose.

Upright cleaning head attachment fitted.

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