Saturday, 24 November 2012

Galley cupboard...

Its not felt as cold today compared to last weekend, we've been continuing with the galley base cupboard framing.

The first two photos show what we did last weekend, just didnt have time to post them before now.
Setting out the cupboard front on the floor as with everything.

Frame glued and screwed together and left for the glue to cure.

This is what we did today. Sanded down the frame, planed off all of the pellets hiding the fixings, except for the ones we missed, these have now been done. Trimmed back the excess shelf lipping flush with the shelf. Its been much better working at a decent height for a change.
Planing down hardwood shelf edging.
 Shelf supports added and shelf fixed in place with front framework.

 Almost finished, just need to do some final sanding down tomorrow and apply the oil decoration. Going to order the oak worktop tonight.

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