Friday, 26 October 2012

One Year On...

This week mark's a year since we’ve had the boat, who would have thought it would have taken us this long to fit her out, as we are restricted to weekends and holidays, I guess it’s understandable. Hopefully we can get over the worst of the winter weather and might be ready for a spring launch.

We had another setback this week, Mark had to have keyhole surgery on a torn knee ligament, so he’s been told by the Dr, to rest and not to do anything for at least a couple of weeks. Not something we wanted to hear.
After the op but before the pain kicks in.


  1. Hi Mark and Corinne, We wish you a speedy recovery, hope its not too long before you are back on your feet.

    Doug and James x

  2. Thank's for that guys. The good news is I now have more time to read everyones blogs.

  3. Hope you are back to full strength soon - cant have what looks like a lovely boat sitting idle for too long!!
    Cant imagine fitting our boat out ourselves! Wouldnt know where to start.