Sunday, 14 October 2012

Breach near Dutton...

We decided to take a day off from working on the boat. Instead we would take Charlie for a long walk down the canal at Dutton as we haven't been there for a while, maybe we could see for ourselves the extent of the breach there.

We parked up near the main road at The Tunnel Top Pub and walked down to the canal just after Preston Brook tunnel, The first lock we came to was fenced off and wedged shut with a piece of timber as you would expect.
Walking past Dutton locks 36.
This was the last stretch of water before we got to bridge 213, you could see the water level was lower than usual but there were still some boats. It was a warm and sunny walk with the mist still lifting off the water.

Coming up to bridge 213. Charlie goes on to investigate. The towpath was closed and we couldn't see anything, we had hoped it wouldn't have been closed off so soon.
Water dammed off at bridge 213.
What's left of the water after bridge 213.

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